New Micro Piezo Speaker SPS01A

Available Now
JL World is proud to announce our SoniCrest line of Piezo speakers. These speakers fit in incredibly small spaces and yet provide full band audio for great sound reproduction. Constructed and build with full RoSH compliance, these speakers are not affected by magnetic debris and can be used in waterproof applications.

Using advanced multilayer ceramic fabrication, SoniCrest piezo speakers produce flat frequency responses and consumes low power. They are able to function in high or low temperature environments and can come in several mounting options according to various design needs. Ask for our competitive pricing and samples today.

Size 14.8 x 21.8 x 1.4mm

Rated Voltage 7Vrms

Maximum Input Voltage 9Vrms

Resonance Frequency 1000 ± 150Hz

Frequency Range at 5Vrms, 5cm 1000 ~ 20000Hz

SPL at 5Vrms, 5cm 92 ± 3dB

SPS01A Datasheet (PDF)