New SMD Piezo Buzzer HPS0911A

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JL World is proud to offer our latest SoniCrest acoustic engineering innovations to our customers, enabling great freedom in product design, ease in handling and that extra performance edge.

Introducing the new SoniCrest HPS0911A micro piezo-ceramic buzzer, small enough to go anywhere but loud enough to be heard in all conditions. Our latest acoustic component engineering brings remarkable acoustic performance in a compact, robust, RoHS compliant design.

Size 9.0 x 11.0 x 1.7mm

Rated Voltage 5Vp-p

Operating Voltage 1 ~ 25 Vp-p

SPL (3100Hz 50% duty square wave) min. 85dBA at 5cm

Rated Frequency 4100 ± 500Hz

Capacitance at 120Hz 12 ± 30% nF

Sound Output at 10cm >= 70dB

HPS0911A Datasheet (PDF)