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HC09A ø9.5x5mm

HC0901A : 1.5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 3200Hz
HC0903A : 3V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 3200Hz
HC0905A : 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 3200Hz

HC09C ø9.5x5mm

HC0901C : 1.5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0903C : 3V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0905C : 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz

HC09F ø9.5x6.5mm

HC0901F : 1.5V, <=80mA, >=80dB, 3200Hz
HC0903F : 3V, <=80mA, >=82dB, 3200Hz
HC0905F : 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 3200Hz

HC09T ø9x5.5mm

HC0903T : 3V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0905T : 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz

HC12G ø12x8.5mm

HC12G-1P : 1.5V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz
HC12G-2P : 1.5V, <=15mA, >=80dB, 2048Hz

HC12G-04B ø12x7.5mm

HC12G-04B : 1.5V, <=70mA, >=88dB, 2731Hz

HCM06B ø6.7x3.6mm

HCM0603B: 3.6V, <=80mA, >=72dB, 3200Hz

HCM09A ø9x5.5mm

HCM0901A : 1.5V, <=70mA, >=80dB, 2731Hz
HCM0903A : 3V, <=70mA, >=82dB, 2731Hz
HCM0905A : 5V, <=70mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz

HCM12A ø12x9mm

HCM1201A : 1.5V, <=70mA, >=75dB, 2400Hz
HCM1203A : 3V, <=70mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1206A : 6V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1212A : 12V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz

HCM12F ø12x6.5mm

HCM1203F : 3V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1205F : 5V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1212F : 12V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz

HCM16A ø16x14mm

HCM1601A : 1.5V, <=18mA, >=80dB, 2048Hz
HCM1606A : 6V, <=40mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz
HCM1612A : 12V, <=40mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz

HCM16G ø16x14mm

HCM1612G : 12V, <=40mA, >=98dB, 2048Hz

HCM18 ø18x14x10.5mm

HCM1801 : 1.5V, <=50mA, >=80dB, 2048Hz
HCM1806 : 6V, <=50mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz
HCM1812 : 12V, <=50mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz
HCM1824 : 24V, <=50mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz

HCM25A ø24.7x12mm

HCM2506A : 6V, <=100mA, >=85dB, 730Hz

HCM25B ø24.7x12mm

HCM2505B : 5V, <=75mA, >=85dB, 1000~1500Hz
HCM2506B : 6V, <=75mA, >=85dB, 1000~1500Hz
HCM2512B : 12V, <=55mA, >=85dB, 1000~1500Hz

HCM25G ø25x14.9mm

HCM2512G : 12V, <=55mA, >=104dB, 1500Hz

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