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Introducing the HSB45M Next-Gen Micro Speaker

The HSB45M micro speaker is the culmination of cutting-edge audio engineering designed to revolutionize your next project.

Engineered for Excellence:

Uncompromising SPL (Sound Pressure Level): Drive crystal-clear, distortion-free audio even at maximum volume.
Precision-Tailored Frequency Response: Experience a pristine, balanced soundscape across the entire spectrum, from deep bass to crisp highs.
High Power Handling Capacity: Effortlessly meet the demands of your most power-hungry audio applications.

Designed for Versatility:

The HSB45M seamlessly integrates into a wide range of devices, including:

Multimedia Devices: Deliver rich, immersive audio experiences.
Consumer Electronics: Elevate your product's sound quality and user experience.
Automotive Systems: Create a crystal-clear in-cabin audio environment.
Home Entertainment Systems: Bring unparalleled sound clarity to your living room.
Unlock Peak Performance with Custom Acoustic Chambers:

Maximize the HSB45M's potential by exploring our range of custom acoustic chamber designs. Our team of experts can collaborate with you to tailor the speaker's performance to your exact specifications.

Contact our engineers today at to discuss how the HSB45M can elevate your next project.



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What is sound ?
Sound may be defined as any air pressure variation that the human ear can detect. Like dominos, a wave motion is set off when an element sets the nearest particle of air into motion. This motion spreads to adjacent air particles further away from the source. Depending on the medium, sound propagates at different speeds. In air, sound propagates at a speed of approximately 340m/s. In liquids and solids, the propagation velocity is greater - 1500 m/s in water and 5000 m/s in steel.

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