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HPA28BX Piezo Buzzer: Unleash Clear & Efficient Alerts in Your Designs

The HPA28BX piezo buzzer is a powerful single-tone solution for engineers seeking a simple and reliable alerting mechanism.

High Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Output: Cut through ambient noise and ensure critical alerts are heard loud and clear, ideal for security systems and industrial equipment.

Flexible Mounting: Seamlessly integrate the HPA28BX into your designs with top-screw panel mounting.

Simplified Wiring: Choose between wire or connector integration based on your project requirements.

The HPA28BX: Where simplicity meets performance. Empower your designs with clear and efficient alerts.

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What is sound ?
Sound may be defined as any air pressure variation that the human ear can detect. Like dominos, a wave motion is set off when an element sets the nearest particle of air into motion. This motion spreads to adjacent air particles further away from the source. Depending on the medium, sound propagates at different speeds. In air, sound propagates at a speed of approximately 340m/s. In liquids and solids, the propagation velocity is greater - 1500 m/s in water and 5000 m/s in steel.

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