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Welcome to SoniCrest, the acoustic components division of JL World. We offer a wide range of Electro-magnetic transducers, Piezo buzzers, Micro speakers, Receivers, Electret-condenser microphones, Silicon microphones and Digital microphones products.

JL World is a unique company with worldwide customers, a strong balance sheet and exciting growth potential. JL World’s design and manufacturing activities are keenly targeted towards providing all our customers with competitive pricing, dependable reliability and winning performance across our core product families. Our continuing goal is to persistently improve our products, technology and service to form long-term partnerships with our customers.

With over 20 years of experience in research and manufacturing, JL World has become the primary provider of choice for advanced acoustic components solution, we continue to forge long term relationships with outstanding global customers in various industrial sectors. Our mission is to develop enabling solutions that offer our customers the freedom to innovate.

Based in the world class city of Hong Kong, JL World enjoys state of the art, pan city infrastructure. Our material supplies and products are transported through the world’s highest volume handling airport and seaport. Hong Kong’s financial hub status in this part of the world allows us to efficiently handle our financial transactions and investment activities. Our various manufacturing plants are located in China’s dynamic and economically active areas of Shenzhen, Shandong and Jiangsu.

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