You Have to Feel It to Hear It!

SoniCrest conduction speakers SXT02A are here to shake your bones. These acoustic generators are designed to allow headset, earphones makers a novel way to build innovative products. Imagine a headset that pipes your voice communication or music discretely through the human bone structure. The ears can be left unhindered for what it does best, to monitor sounds from the environment, so users can safely go about their regular activities. The acoustic waves will transmit without air travel distortions, directly to the eardrums. It can also be used as a haptic feedback generator, perfect for wearables.

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Size 26 x 12 x 8.2mm

Coil Impedance 8 +/- 15%ohm

Rated Power 1W

Maximum Input Power 2W

Operating Temperature Range -40 ~ +85°C

SXT02A Datasheet (PDF)